What does the time commitment look like?

Mentors can sign up for time blocks throughout the day/evening of Saturday, October 15th when they plan to attend. We also encourage mentors to sign up to judge for the final pitches on Sunday, October 16th. We are confident that even if you mentor and work with specific teams that you can be impartial in adjudicating teams.


What would I be doing as a mentor?

You would be providing your industry expertise and business experience to student teams as they develop a problem statement centered around their idea. As they create and validate their innovative solution, you will be helping them to determine if their solution is viable. Mentors serve as expert resources, soundboards, and coaches for some of our more than 20 student teams.

How will I know what teams I should work with?

We have a small team of Student Organizers who will get familiar with our mentor’s backgrounds. They will also get a pulse for what teams need. By doing this they will be able to pair mentors to teams that need their help.


When will I get the logistical details for the weekend?

You will get an email with parking, location, mentor and judging tip, etc. two weeks before the weekend.


If you have further questions please reach out to Assistant Director, Tara Hoppe – hoppetl@miamioh.edu