How to Register for
Startup Weekend

Startup Weekend Registration Instructions

Before October 4thregister for Startup Weekend 2022 by following these instructions: 

  1. Log into Bannerweb using your unique ID and passcode.
    Web address:
  2. Click the category that says “Student Services and Financial Aid”.
  3. Click on “Registration“. 
  4. Go to the category that says “Look Up Classes to Add.

5. Input the following information:

      • Term: Fall Semester 2022-23
      • Campus: Oxford
      • Subject:
        • Entrepreneurship – ESP
      • Course Number: 
        • For ESP: 102
      • Click the button that says “Section Search”.

6.  Once you see a page that looks like the one above, check the box on the left side of the computer screen under the word “Select“.
 7. Select Register.

If you run into registration difficulties or appear to have a course conflict, use Miami’s Registration Override System to secure your spot in Startup Weekend.

In your Registration Override Request, be sure to indicate that you have a course conflict that prevents you from registering the traditional way. 

Web Address:

After Registration

You will be able to see “ESP 102” under the ‘Active Registration’ subfolder of the “Student Services and Financial Aid” tab on Bannerweb when you have successfully registered for a course associated with Startup Weekend.  

If you have any concerns about your registration, please call One Stop at (513)529-0001 for assistance.

Additional Information

The final date to register is Tuesday, October 4th at 12pm. Any requests made after this time will be denied.

The latest date you may drop without a grade is Wednesday, October 5th [10/5/2022]. If you choose to unenroll from ESP 102, the business surcharge will be refunded if you drop before 12 p.m. on Tuesday, October 4th [10/4/2022]. The latest date you can drop ESP 102 with a “W” grade is Wednesday, October 12 [10/12/2022]. If you choose to drop the course after Wednesday, October 12 [10/12/2022], you will receive an incomplete for the course. 

Any drop requests should be sent by email to Dr. Conger ( 


*a $110 FSB surcharge will be assessed for ESP course credit. Questions about financial aid can be directed to: